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Sandwich containers

Sandwich containers are containers and wrappers specially made to cover and easily transport sandwiches and snacks. They are usually made of plastic, cardboard, paper or sugar cane. Because of this, they are resistant and maintain the freshness of the product by insulating it from the external environment.

The crunch when you crack the crust. That delicious smell as soon as it comes out of the oven. The sponginess of a well-worked crumb. True bread lovers know what we are talking about and how important it is to preserve these sensations. Our sandwich boxes will preserve this experience. Want to add more crumb to your business?

  • Shapes adapted to snacks and sandwiches
  • Easy to transport, take up very little space
  • Recyclable
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Take away sandwich packaging

Sandwich packs are used to protect, move and present all kinds of sandwiches thanks to their different qualities including their shape or the material they are made of.

All breads are delicious: ciabatta, baguette, sliced bread... But even if they are extremely tasty, true gourmets know that they do not always fit in the same situation. Just as there is a time for each loaf of bread, there is also a suitable material for preserving each sandwich:

  • The kraft cardboard used in our sandwich cardboard boxes and sandwich cardboard boxes is extremely strong and flexible. This makes it ideal for the heaviest sandwiches. Not sure whether to add that extra slice of tomato? This doubt will never cross your mind again. Its natural finish enhances your products and gives them a handmade look that is eye-catching to customers. It is also biodegradable, lightweight and easy to handle, so your customers can move around with it without any hassle.
  • Who doesn't fancy a delicious fried calamari sandwich? Stop worrying about stains with our greaseproof paper sandwich wrappers. As well as being affordable, they're lightweight, recyclable and easy to store, so you don't have to worry about your storage capacity. What's more, they come in a variety of designs to suit the image of any type of establishment.
  • The plastic surface of the sandwich packs is exceptionally hygienic. In fact, it retains odours and flavours, indispensable qualities for maintaining the freshness of your products. Despite their light weight, they are very strong, so they do not break easily in the event of a fall. Looking for the safest way to transport your snacks? These disposable plastic containers are definitely the right choice.
  • Sugar cane snack containers are compostable and a great eco-friendly alternative for sustainable cooking. They are water and grease resistant, so regardless of the product they will maintain their integrity. In addition to these qualities, their smooth surface and pleasant feel are attractive to customers, so they will fit into any establishment.

We have as many models as you can list. If you need more information, we invite you to browse our product catalogue or contact our customer service team.

Sandwich box

Having dealt with the different materials that make up our sandwich packaging, let's move on to their applications:

  • Sandwich packaging for parties
  • Sandwich packaging for restaurants
  • Sandwich packaging for delivery
  • Sandwich packaging for take away
  • Snack packaging for excursions
  • Snack packaging for festivals, open-air dances and concerts

Nobody wants their customers to find a stale lettuce leaf in their order. Don't you? Our disposable sandwich containers preserve food freshness perfectly. Add to that their ability to retain flavours, and your customers won't notice the slightest difference even if hours go by.

A beautiful mountain route. The sunrise. Your group of friends. Is there anything more typical than a good sandwich on a hike? We don't think so. Our snack containers are safe and easy to transport due to their high strength and low weight. With them you can be present at the best moments of your customers.

Do you want your establishment to leave an impression in the minds of your guests? The various designs and prints of our disposable sandwich containers will help your business be as universal as putting food between two slices of bread.

Eco-friendly sandwich containers

Customers are increasingly basing their choices on issues such as an establishment's food waste or the packaging materials used in their order. According to studies, seven out of ten diners make their purchasing decisions based on the environmental impact of packaging.

Serving take away packaging is not enough to meet consumers' needs. Therefore, if you want customers to choose your establishment, you must offer environmentally friendly alternatives. In addition, sustainable business is a trend, so your image and notoriety will improve considerably.

Kraft cardboard, paper, PLA plastic of vegetable origin... At Monouso we offer you a wide variety of packaging for ecological take-away sandwiches to please a demanding clientele.

Sandwich trays

It has become clear that working with the best food and offering a tasty product does not always make your business stand out from the competition. The small details are the foundation of success, the choice of sandwich tray design is just as important as your ingredients. That's why we bring you different disposable sandwich containers:

  • Sandwichcontainers with flaps are perfect if you are working with highly processed products. Usually made of plastic, they come with a special closure that will keep the structure of your food in perfect condition. They also retain flavour and resist moisture, so the freshness of your snacks and sandwiches will be preserved for hours.
  • Need safe and easy transport for your food? The kraft sandwich trays we work with have superior strength and flexibility. Because of this, they adapt perfectly to the shape of the product without compromising the integrity of the packaging. And not only do they inspire safety, but their simple layout makes them easy to store.
  • Do you have a large number of customers and are working against the clock? Our bags and wrappers are easy to handle and allow for fast packing. Apart from being easy to handle, they also have grease-proof properties that will prevent stains on your customers' clothes. And if that's not enough, you can choose between different prints and models according to the theme of your establishment.

Haven't you ever stopped to think about these decisions? Now that you know their importance, you can choose from our different sandwich trays and improve the experience you offer in your business.

Sandwich packaging

In this category you will also find containers for sandwiches, one of the most recurrent sandwiches in take-away businesses and also one of the most demanded. At Monouso you can find the perfect container to meet the needs of your business. Whether you are a sandwich stand or a vending business, you will find what you need here.

The sandwich containers are made of PET, a lightweight material with high resistance to impact and corrosion, so the sandwich takeaway containers incorporate a hinged lid. For these reasons, they ensure that the food is transported conveniently. Another advantage of PET disposable plastic sandwich containers is their crystal-clear appearance. This allows the consumer to distinguish the products on offer.

These thermoformed transparent plastic sandwich packs are ideal for take-away businesses and private individuals. They are also suitable as packaging for vending or food vending machines.

The small plastic sandwich packs with lids allow you to present your special sandwiches hygienically and elegantly: from the classic mixed sandwich to the popular BLT, pastrami or vegetable sandwiches.

There are many different uses for sandwich containers:

  • Sandwich packaging for vending
  • Sandwich packs for excursions
  • Sandwich packaging for canteens
  • Sandwich packaging for catering
  • Sandwich packaging for delivery
  • Sandwich packaging for trade fairs and events

Monouso, supplier of sandwich packaging

The demands and concerns are increasing all the time and many caterers are not able to manage them properly. At Monouso we want your business to be as successful as sandwiches at a playground. That's why we want to be your reliable supplier of sandwich packaging. Take a load off your mind with our products.

Whether vegetable, loin and cheese, calamari, meat in sauce, chivito or brascada, the cardboard sandwich packs you will find in our shop are resistant to fats, oils and sauces. In addition, they help to keep the heat for longer.

At Monouso we are aware of the great work carried out by the catering sector. To be up to the task we offer a wide variety of disposable containers that will make the life of any professional easier and always at the best prices.

Experts in the sale of containers for sandwiches

Making a good sandwich is an art. It requires dedication and love for the process. Gathering the best quality foods. Cutting that precious loaf of bread in half. Stacking layers upon layers of delicious ingredients. And finally wrapping it up and handing it to the customer with the satisfaction of a job well done.

As you have seen, making a sandwich is not just about sandwiching food between two slices of bread or sliced bread. It's not all about a burger box! Do you want the passion of the process to reach your customers directly? With the disposable sandwich containers in our shop it's possible.

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