Bamboo steamer

The bamboo steamer is the best solution for cooking and ensuring that your meals retain the texture, flavour, nutrients and minerals of all foods.

Once you buy it, you won't want to use any other utensil because of the sensation they provide. Best of all, you're also helping the environment with the natural materials that make up the bamboo steamer.

  • 100% ecological
  • Steam cooking
  • Original presentation on the table
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Sustainable bamboo steamers

Do you want to add a special touch to your culinary presentations? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and easy-to-use alternative? Then bamboo steamers are your solution!

Chances are that you have heard of bamboo steamers. But, like many people, you may not be sure what they actually do. How do you use a dumpling steamer? Or yes, do you really need to have one in your kitchen?

Why do you need to have a bamboo steamer?

Honestly, with so many kitchen gadgets and appliances, do you really need one more to take up space? It's not one more.

A bamboo steamer is a relatively inexpensive addition to your kitchen cupboard and really is an essential piece of equipment for people who want an easy and convenient option for cooking home-cooked meals in a way that preserves the flavour, texture, minerals and nutrients of their food.

The truth is, once you've tried a real bamboo steamer, you'll wonder how you ever cooked without one.

What is the difference between a metal, plastic or bamboo steamer?

Many stainless steel cookware sets usually come with a metal steamer included (similar to a colander but with a flat bottom).

To use, the pan is filled with water and the steamer fits snugly into the top.

Once the water comes to a boil, the food is placed inside the metal steamer and the lid is placed on top to lock in the steam, which will cook the food (usually vegetables) inside.

Your choice of steamer for cooking vegetables will not depend so much on the materials, however, the traditional way of steaming is to use a Chinese steamer.

The concept of cooking with a bamboo steamer is somewhat similar. A wide saucepan, or wok, partially filled with water and over medium heat, without the steamer on top or any kind of cover, allow the water to approach the boiling point over low heat (do not let it boil).Place the steamer, with the lid on top, over the pot. The simmering water will cook (lightly cook) the food in the bamboo steamer. The time it will take to steam will depend on the particular food.

It is important to watch the water level in the pan/wok (whether using a bamboo or metal steamer) so that it does not dry out (add more water if necessary).

There is much discussion about the differences (if any) between a stainless steel steamer (used with a lid and pan) and a bamboo steamer (often used with a wok or other wide type pan).

While a metal piece can heat the water and trap the steam faster and possibly even more efficiently, the ultimate goal of steaming is not speed;overcooking is so easy to do in a metal pan that it gets hot all over and defeats most of the purpose of using a steamer to cook in a healthier way.

Have you ever felt that your food had an aftertaste from the metal pots you cook in? Well, that may not actually be your imagination!According to several publications, when certain acidic ingredients are cooked in metal pans, such as aluminium or unseasoned cast iron, small amounts of metal molecules can leach into the food.These small amounts are non-toxic, but will add an unwanted and long-lasting aftertaste to your food.

There are also electric steamers on the market, but a bamboo steamer is a better option for those who prefer to opt for natural and environmentally friendly materials.

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